2019 SAFF Handcrafter’s Mohair Fleece Show

The emphasis of this show is the suitability of fleeces for handspinning and all fleeces will be judges on this basis. SAFF’s goal is to provide a market for the small, or new producer as well as the larger one. We strive to create an atmosphere that emphasizes an exchange of knowledge for the producer and the spinner alike. Judging is open to all SAFF attendees and everyone is encouraged to watch and listen.


  • Show, Sale, and Fleece Check in will be in the Boone Building.
  • Fleeces will be judged Friday, October 25th starting at 11:00 am
  • Show Fleece Check-In is Thursday, October 24th from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. No show fleeces will be accepted on Friday. No exceptions.
  • Sale Only Fleece Check-In is Thursday, October 24th from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm and Friday, October 25th from 8:00 am to 10:30 am.
  • Fleeces may be mailed for entry. See Show rules.
  • All fleece must be picked up by 5:00 pm Sunday, October 27th.

JUDGE: Bonnie Naumann

NEW RULES AND CHANGE:  Show only fleeces are no longer allowed, and pricing changed in order to help better fund the show and reflect pricing in other major fiber festivals.

LINKS: Manual entry form

Saff 2019 Handspinner’s Mohair Fleece Show Rules

Show Logistics

  • NEW RULE– Fleeces must be entered into Show and Sale, Show only fleeces are no longer accepted.
  • Fees: Online Registration prior to October 17th, $7 per fleece. On-site registration $10 per fleece.
  • Pricing for Show/Sale: Sale price is set by the entrant, it should be expressed as price for entire whole or half fleece and should be marked up by 15% commission collected by SAFF. SAFF will not calculate fleece price, nor sell increments of fiber from an individual fleece. See the FAQ’s for Fleece Producers for more information
  • Methods of Entry:
    • Online Registration: (see link in fleece show drop down menu), priority processing at fleece drop-off. Online Registration will cease operation at 11:00 pm October 17th, 2019. After October 19th registration must occur onsite and increased fees will apply.
    • Mail in Registration: using Manual Entry Form-“fiber type”. Registration must be received by October 17, 2019. Priority processing at drop-off.
    • Onsite Registration: by bringing a filled out Manual Entry Form-“fiber type” to the Boone Building, These fleeces have lowest priority, expect a long wait and increased fees to $10.

Mail to Fallon Newell
949 Calvert Rd
Brevard, NC 28712

Email to: fleeceshow@saffsite.org

  • Drop-off:
    • All Fleeces must be dropped off at the Boone Building on Thursday between 9:00 am- 7:30 pm. Fleeces for Show must be dropped off on Thursday, No exceptions.
    • Mail-in Drop Off Fleeces may be mailed/shipped to Fallon Newell at the above address. They must be received no later than October 17th. They can be preregistered online or accompanied by a printed Manual Entry Form for their fiber type. Fleeces must be picked up onsite, or must pre-arrange mail/ship return with Fallon Newell if they are not sold. Return cost will be at the producer’s expense.
  • Fleece Acceptance: The Fleece Sale Manager reserves the right to pull from the Show or Sale any fleeces with rot, breaks, pests, felting or other serious problems at any time during the show. We also reserve the right to arrange, group, and re-class fleece as appropriate and necessary. We also reserve the right to notate sales tag for any discovered observations and outright pull any fleece from the show for any reason without refund.
  • Competition/Silent Auction: Champion, Reserve Champion and 1st Place Winners of each class in the Mohair Show will be put up for Silent Auction after the judging. We will display them together during the bidding. The starting bid is the producer’s asking price. Bidding will close at 4:00 pm on Saturday. Any fleece not sold under silent auction will be put up for sale in general population.
  • Fleece pick up: Entrants must pick up unsold fleeces by 5:00 pm on Sunday. Unsold fleece can be picked up during the show at any time. Please see Fleece Show Staff for check out.
  • Fleece NOT picked up: Any fleece not claimed by 5:00 pm Sunday, will become property of SAFF.
  • Responsibility: SAFF is ultimately not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged fleeces.
  • Price Changes: Fleece sale price may be changed at the Producer’s discretion. For those fleeces going to the silent auction, price must be changed prior to going on display. See Mohair Show Superintendent for Price Change Form. We do not encourage price increases once show has begun. On-Site changes can be made at the time of drop-off without forms.
  • Refunds: Registration fees are non-refundable

Show Rules

Fleece Presentation:

Most be full fleece from one animal; including belly, leg, and neck fiber if it meets criteria of properly skirted (below). If Show/Sale fleece, may not be split in half by SAFF or the producer after competition. Must be sold as full fleece.

Fleeces must be:

  • From the current 2019 clip.
  • Represent no more than 6 months growth.
  • Properly skirted—Free of vegetable matter, chaff, burrs, bugs, manure tags, cotted or matted locks, second cuts and excessively dirty fleece. CAUTION: Fleece is also judged on yield.
  • Not Washed: No Washed Fleeces will be Accepted.
  • Not tied in any way
  • Must be properly placed in a clear plastic bag (available for sale at the desk) to be presented for show. Mohair fleeces do not have to be rolled.
  • Have no other identifying marks on or in bag other than SAFF tags and identification.
  • Show/Sale fleece may have promotional material in an unmarked, blank envelope in the fleece bag. Fleece Show Staff will display this material after the competition when fleece is put out for sale.


  • Each fleece may be entered in only one class.
  • Fleece entries are limited two fleeces per class per Producer with a total overall limit of 12 fleeces per Producer entered in show.
  • Classes may be formed, eliminated or combined and awards given at the discretion of the judge. Judge may move a fleece to another class if deemed appropriate.  If Judge does move a fleece to another class that results in having 3 fleeces from the same producer in the same class, the producer is still only eligible for two (2) awards in that class.  The third lowest ranking fleece will be dropped.
  • Judging Criteria – All show fleeces will be judged on the basis of handspinning quality and character, stressing the following:
  • Fineness of fiber: uniform throughout fleece.
  • Feel and Handle: Amount of course fiber, kemp, or medullated fiber.
  • Staple Length: Evenness throughout fleece.
  • Twist and Crimp: well defined and uniform.
  • Strength: No faults or breaks.
  • Appearance: Brightness, luster, amount of grease.
  • Yield and Density: Compactness of fleece combined with length equal weight of fleece.  Higher yielding fleeces most desirable.
  • Ribbons and premiums will be awarded to winners of each class as follows.  For a complete list of classes, see below.
    • 1st place-blue ribbon, $20 premium
    • 2nd place-red ribbon, $15 premium
    • 3rd place-white ribbon, $10 premium
  • Reserve Grand Champion Mohair fleece will receive a ribbon and $35 premium; Grand Champion Mohair fleece will receive a ribbon and $50 premium.
  • Premium Awards will be paid out by check and mailed within 30 days after show ends.
  • Judging remarks, and ribbons will be given to Producer at checkout/pick up.  Judging remarks will also be posted on Producers Fleece registration after the show.  Show Winner Results will be posted on the SAFF website following show.

Mohair Classes

200 – Kid (1st clip) White
201 – Kid (1st Clip) Colored
202 – Kid (2nd Clip) White
203 – Kid (2nd Clip) Colored
204 – Yearling White
205 – Yearling Colored
206 – Adult White
207 – Adult Colored