General Livestock Show Rules and Regulations

All Livestock Show Participants must download the SAFF LIVESTOCK RULES AND REGULATIONS, then print, sign and return it to their show superintendent.

All other Livestock participants should mail their signed copy to: Tami Russell.


  • Trailers can be parked in the public parking areas. Parking for livestock trailers and/or vehicles will be set aside and assigned. Trailers can NOT be left in the stalling or vendor areas. (currently the assigned area is tentatively listed for the lot behind McGough)
  • Check in see information for the specific show. Only use assigned stalls/pen.
  • Release time for livestock show participants and exhibitors is 4 pm on Sunday. Trailers will not be permitted into the barn areas for load out before 4 pm.
  • Animal Care notes: Each participant is responsible for providing their own feed and water for animals under their care. SAFF will provide stalls or pens only, no bedding, no water containers, etc. See individual registration forms for pen/stall size and animal limitations. SAFF is not responsible for the safety of your animals, your tack, or your vehicles. 
  • Health Certificates are required for all animals coming from outside of NC. They must be dated within 60 days of the close of SAFF. Forms are subject to random checks by show coordinators and/or the site veterinarian. Animals that reside in NC and are coming from NC do not need health certificates. If an animal arrives with the appearance of being unhealthy, it will be subject to a vet check, at the owner’s expense, and can be subject to removal. 
  • Livestock exhibitors and show participants are not allowed to access the Agricultural Center Equipment. Failure to comply will result in person/persons removal from SAFF. 
  • Sales of farm related products may only be conducted by those farms with a vendor booth registration. All others will be asked to leave. Sales of animals or breedings, by private treaty, is allowed by all show participants and exhibitors. 
  • Failure to comply with the rules set down here, or in the individual registration packet is grounds for removal from SAFF. These decisions are made at the discretion of the livestock coordinator and the facilities coordinator with the approval of the SAFF governing committee.