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 Everyone exhibiting or showing livestock animals must read, sign, and return the2014-SAFF-Livestock-Rules-and-Regulations-Acknowledgement-Form1. Please print out and return to

women showing sheep


Cindy Wurster at 1034 Champion Ferry Road, Gaffney, SC 29341. Thank you!

Please note: Jonathon Hearn will be at the covered arena on Sunday to shear. Price to be announced.

Sheep Show Coordinator
Tami Russell

Please email  for more information.

North American Shetland Sheep Association*Annual General Meeting

*Open Shetland Sheep Show-held on Saturday after the JV Show

*Registration as Usual

*Contact Info: Christine Dotson, 828-388-0990

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Entries Close Oct. 9, 2014                                                                                                                                                         

NOTE: $20 Late fee for registrations received after Oct. 9, 2014.

Judge: TBA

Superintendents: Tami Russell, Donny Reid

Show Times: Jr. Show Saturday, October 25th at 9:00 a.m.
Open Show Sunday, October 26th at 9:00 a.m.

All entrants must comply with the SAFF Livestock Rules and Regulations.

All animals coming to SAFF from within the state of North Carolina WILL NOT need health papers.
All animals coming to SAFF from outside the state of North Carolina must have Health Papers that are current within 60 days of the event – in other words, they can be no older than August 25, 2014
SAFF has the right to refuse any animal that does not appear healthy.

All livestock must comply with the USDA Scrapie Eradication Program guidelines 1 888 USDA-TAG

Please note: Parking is at a premium at this event. PLEASE DO NOT PARK YOUR LIVESTOCK TRAILERS IN THE PUBLIC PARKING LOT! They should be parked either in the exercise arena near Fanning Bridge, or behind the covered arena, along the fence along Airport Rd. Anyone parking their trailer in the public area will be asked to move it.

Shearing Services at SAFF

With enough response, experienced shearer, Jonathan Hearne will be on site at SAFF to shear your sheep and goats for price to be determined. Please indicate on your entry form if you need to have your animals sheared.

  1. Entry Fees: Fees are listed below and must accompany the entry form.
    • Open Show $6.00 per animal per class.
    • Junior Ewe Show is $3.00 per animal per class.
    • If the animal is entered in both Open and Junior Shows the entry fee for the Junior show is $1.00 per class per animal.
    • Tack/exhibit pen fee is $20
    • Shearing fee for price to be determined – please pre-register. We must have a minimum number of animals to be shorn.
  2. Registration: Any animal entered as purebred must be registered with their breed association in the name of the owner by Oct. 10th and bear an ear tag or tattoo which corresponds to the registration certificate.
  3. Check In:  Use assigned stalls only. Changes cannot be made without Superintendent’s permission. Exhibitors must check in with the show superintendents upon arrival, after their animals are unloaded and penned. Registration papers will be checked at this time. There will be no straw or hay on site for purchase this year.
  4. Substitutions: Substitutions within class are permitted and must be filed with the show superintendent before 8:00 pm on Friday.
  5. Showing Rule:Only one show person in the ring per animal in individual classes
  6. Judging: Sheep will be judged 60% on wool quality and 40% on conformation. All animals must have a minimum of 2 in. of fleece. Fleece class will be judged 100% on the basis of the fleece quality.
  7. Classes: There must be a minimum of 2 entries to constitute a class. If there are less than 2 entries, classes will be combined by breed, color or wool type.
  8. Juniors must be 18 yrs. of age or younger as of the day of the show in order to participate in the Junior Show.
  9. No rams or wethers shown in Junior Ewe Show.
  10. No vehicles or trailers in the show arena until after 4 pm on Sunday.
I. Sections for Junior Ewe Show II. Sections for Open Wool Show
A – Border Leicester H – Border Leicester
B – Cotswold I – Cotswold
C – Romney J – Romney
D – Shetland K – Shetland
E – Fine Wool L – Fine Wool
F – Long Wool M – Long Wool
G – Jacob N – Jacob
Class Number Class Number
1 – Lamb 1 – Ram Lamb
2 – Yearling 2 – Yearling Ram
3 – Aged 3 – Ewe Lamb
4 – Pair Ewes 4 – Yearling Ewe
5 – Fleece 5 – Aged Ewe
6 – Fleece
7 – Pair Ewes (all breeds)
8 – Supreme Flock



Rules and Regulations:

Please read the SAFF General Livestock Rules and Regulations. All entrants MUST adhere to these rules. 2014-SAFF-Livestock-Rules-and-Regulations-Acknowledgement-Form1