Skein, Garment & Fiber Art

Do you dream in fiber?

Share your love of the fiber arts, get recognition for your work, and receive valuable feedback by entering the SAFF Skein and Garment Competition.

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Skein and Garment Entry Form

Skein, Garment and Fiber Art Competition Rules

  1. Only ONE entry per category will be accepted from each entrant. Handspinning entries must meet class descriptions as to fiber content and weight (if noted).
  2. Each entry must be made entirely by the entrant.
  3. Work must have been completed in the year since the last competition, October 2014.
  4. There is a $2.00 entry fee per item.
  5. Entries must be submitted by Friday evening October_30_2015. Judging will take place on Saturday morning (hours for drop off Thursday 2-8pm, Friday 9-6pm). Entries must be left on display until pick up at 2pm Sunday. If you need to send another person to pick up your entry, please include a release form which is found on the website.
  6. SAFF is not responsible for entries, but the booth will be supervised during SAFF hours. SAFF is not responsible for loss or damage. Any items left after Sunday pickup will become the property of SAFF.
  7. Entries submitted by mail must be postmarked before October 1, 2015. You may make your check payable to SAFF and each item must have a $2.00 entry fee. These entries will be confirmed my email only, so please include your email address. MAIL TO: Grace Evans, 24 Apple Forest Lane, Fairview, NC 28730. If you want your entry returned by mail, please include a self-address envelope with the correct postage.
  8. Each entry must be accompanied by:
  • Entry Form
  • Attach two white 3×5 cards to each entry

On the first card indicate:
The entry category number
A brief description of the item (i.e. felted wall hanging, lap rug, etc.)
The fiber content of the item by approximate percentage (if it is wool, the breed if known).
The techniques used in construction
Information about processes you used (i.e. self-dyed, self-prepared/carded, self-blended, self-designed, etc.)

On a second card, print name, address and telephone. This card goes behind the first card. You will be given an exhibitor number when you enter your item. Your exhibitor number will be written on both cards.

For handspun skeins:
The intended use
The Wraps per Inch (Wrap the yarn around a ruler for a full inch. Then count the wraps.)
The fiber content
Techniques used to prepare the fiber

For items entered in a Youth category include the age of the exhibitor as of SAFF.

This information will be used by the judge to help make decisions, so please be sure you include all the information requested on your card.

  1. Please fill out the entry form (found on the website) which includes your personal information and your item description and category. One sheet per item. Indicate your category number, a brief description of the item (i.e. wall hanging, rug, sweater); the fiber content of the item by approximate percentage; techniques used in construction.
  2. Ribbons will be awarded for each category for First, Second and Third place. A rosette prize ribbon will be awarded in Best of Show for each of the three sections: Youth, Adult Amateur and Adult Professional.


CATEGORY:  YOUTH (aged 10-17 years by Oct.  2015)  NO ENTRY FEE for YOUTH

Y01     Handspun yarn 100% handspun with wheel or spindle

Y02     Woven item with handspun (warp may be commercial yarn)

Y03     Crochet item made with handspun.

Y04     Knitted item made with handspun.

Y05     Woven item with commercial yarn.

Y06     Knitted item with commercial yarn.

Y07     Crochet item with commercial yarn.

Y08     Felted item.


A1       Handspun Single natural.

A2       Handspun Single dyed.

A3       Handspun 2 ply natural.

A4       Handspun 2 ply dyed.

A5       Handspun 2 ply other.

A6       Handspun Lace weight natural or dyed.  minimum 1 oz. or 25 yards.

A7       Spindle Spun Skein 1oz/or 25 yds

A8       Novelty

A9       Commercial Skein

A10     Beginner Spinner

A11     Woven household article using handspun or commercial yarn.

A12     Woven wearable article using handspun or commercial yarn.

A13     Hand knitted household item using handspun or commercial yarn.

A14     Hand knitted wearable accessory (hat, gloves, purse, etc.) using handspun or commercial yarn.

A15     Hand knitted wearable sweater or jacket using handspun or commercial yarn.

A16     Hand knitted wearable shawl, poncho, or scarf using handspun or commercial yarn.

A17     Machine Knit household item using handspun or commercial yarn.

A18     Machine Knit wearable item using handspun or commercial yarn.

A19     Hand crochet household item using handspun or commercial yarn.

A20     Hand crochet wearable item using handspun or commercial yarn.

A21     Hand felted wearable item using any yarn.

A22     Hand felted 2D item.

A23     Hand felted 3D item without armature.

A24     Hand felted 3D item with armature.

CATEGORY: PROFESSIONAL.  Professional is a person who has sold 10 items or more to consumers, earned an advanced degree, is a nationally recognized instructor, and/or published authors.

All categories the same as above, but with a P before the number (i.e. P1, P13, P20).

Contest Manager: Grace Evans

Any questions about the competition should be sent to:

SAFF Skein and Garment Competition
Grace Evans

The SAFF Skein and Garment Committee welcomes your suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticisms. We strive to make this competition enjoyable and worthwhile for all involved.