Skein, Garment & Fiber Art

Skein and Garment Competition Rules

Do you dream in fiber?

Share your love of the fiber arts, get recognition for your work, and receive valuable feedback by entering the SAFF Skein and Garment Competition.

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skein and garment entry form


  1. Amateur and Professional Fiber Artists. This competition is intended to give individuals with all levels of experience a chance to enter and exhibit their work. Individuals in the professional category meet some or all of the following criteria: sold more than 10 items to consumers, earned advanced degrees, obtained certifications, nationally recognized instructors, and/or published author.
  2. Each handspun article must be spun and constructed by the exhibitor alone. Articles not made entirely from yarn spun by the exhibitor must be entered in the Commercial Yarn categories.
  3. Each handspun skein must contain at least 2 ounces and/or 50 yds. of yarn except for spindle spun skeins and reeled silk categories, which must contain at least 1 ounce and/or 25 yds. Each skein must be 1-2 yds. in circumference, be neatly wound, and tied loosely using figure eight style ties in at least 4 places.
  4. Work must not have been previously exhibited at SAFF and must be clean and free of all odors.
  5. All work with the exception of woven articles must be at least 60% animal fiber (which includes silk). Animal fiber is a protein-based fiber produced by an animal. Woven articles must be at least 50% animal fiber.
  6. An article may be entered in only one class. There is a maximum of two entries per person per category. You may enter as many categories as you wish.
  7. There is an entry fee of $1.00 per item entered. Checks should be made payable to SAFF. Email Grace Evans with your entry form and pay when you submit your entry
    mail form to Grace Evans, 24 Apple Forest Lane, Fairview, NC 28730. You will receive a follow-up email confirming your entry
  8. Each entry must be accompanied by:
    • Entry form
    • Attach two white 3×5 cards to each entry. On first card indicate:
      • The entry category number
      • A brief description of the item (i.e. felted wall hanging, lap rug, etc.)
      • The fiber content of the item by approximate percentage(-if it’s wool, the breed, if known)
      • The techniques used in construction
      • Information about processes you used (i.e. self-dyed, self-prepared/carded, self-blended, self-designed, etc)
    • On a second card, print name, address and telephone. This card goes behind the first card. You will be given an exhibitor number when you enter your item. Your exhibitor number will be written on both cards.
    • For handspun skeins:
      • The intended use
      • The Wraps per Inch (Wrap the yarn around a ruler for a full inch, then count the wraps.)
      • The fiber content
      • Techniques used to prepare fiber
    • For items entered in a Youth category include the age of the exhibitor as of SAFF
    • This information will be used by the judge to help make decisions,  so please be sure you include all the information requested on your card.
  9. Entries will be checked in at the Skein and Garment Competition Booth between 2-8 pm Thursday, October 23, 2014 and 9-6 pm Friday, October 26, 2014.
  10. Entries and awards will be on display from approximately 1 pm Saturday through 2 pm Sunday.
  11. Entries and awards will be displayed from 10 am Saturday- through 2 pm Sunday. Entries will be released after 2 pm Sunday and must be picked up by 5 pm Sunday. Entries may be returned by mail, released to the exhibitor or released to someone other than the exhibitor with a signed release form by the exhibitor. If entry is to be returned by mail, Please bring an addressed envelope with correct postage. Release forms will be available at the Skein and Garment Booth throughout the event and on the SAFF website. SAFF is not responsible for All entries will be displayed uncovered but supervised during SAFF hours. Every effort will be made to display and care for entered pieces but SAFF assumes no responsibility for loss or damage. SAFF is not responsible for unclaimed items left after 5 pm; they will become property of SAFF.
  12. General Appearance, Workmanship, Suitability for Category. Judges decisions are final and judges and show committee reserved the right to re-arrange classes if needed.

Prizes: Ribbons will be awarded to First, Second, the Third place in each class. Classes may be combined if entry numbers are less than 3. Additional prizes will be granted to as many winners as possible based upon support of local vendors and fiber artist sponsors.


Category: 1. Teens: 13 yrs. To 17yrs. Age determined as of October 23, 2014

  • 1A: Handspun yarn, 100% handspun (wheel and/or spindle)
  • 1B: Items created with handspun ( woven -warp may be commercial- crocheted, knitted)
  • 1C: Items created with commercial yarn (woven, crocheted, knitted)
  • Felted Items

Category: 2. Teens: 12 yrs. and younger Age determined as of October 23, 2014

  • 1A: Handspun yarn, 100% handspun (wheel and/or spindle)
  • 1B: Items created with handspun ( woven -warp may be commercial- crocheted, knitted)
  • 1C: Items created with commercial yarn (woven, crocheted, knitted)
  • Felted Items

Category: 3. Adult Amateur

  • 3A: Any Natural Fibers Singles, Natural
  • 3B: Natural Fibers Singles, Dyed
  • 3C: Natural Fibers, Two-ply, Natural
  • 3D: Natural Fibers, Two-ply, Dyed
  • 3E: Natural Fibers, Lace Weight, natural or dyed, minimum of 1oz.
  • 3F: Spindle Spun Skein 1 ounce and/or 25 yds.
  • 3G: Novelty Yarn, at least 50% natural fibers, natural or Dyed
  • 3H: Reeled Silk Skein
  • 3I: Commercial Skein
  • 3J: Beginning Spinner: Spinning less than one year or you have spun less than 10 skeins
  • 3K: Most Bizarre Skein: Anything goes

Category: 4. Knitted, Crocheted, Woven

  • 4A: Knitted Article using handspun fibers
  • 4B: Knitted Item using commercial fibers
  • 4C: Machine Knitting handspun and/or commercial
  • 4D: Woven Item using handspun
  • 4E: Woven Item using commercial
  • 4F: Crocheted Item using handspun
  • 4G: Crocheted Item using commercial
  • 4H: Felted Wearable Item
  • 4I: Felted 2D Item (wall hangings, table runners, etc.)
  • 4K: Other Items: constructed from other fiber related techniques or a combination of multiple techniques, including: tapestry, weaving, braiding, plaiting, needle art, hooking, and tatting. The fiber/yarn should be clearly visible within the final product and must be the final focus of the product (no quilts with batting inside, no dolls stuffed with roving)
  • 3K: Most Bizarre Skein: Anything goes

For all Professional Categories, Place the Letter “P” in front of the class

Contest Manager: Grace Evans

Any questions about the competition should be sent to:

SAFF Skein and Garment Competition
Grace Evans

The SAFF Skein and Garment Committee welcomes your suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticisms. We strive to make this competition enjoyable and worthwhile for all involved.