Alpaca Show

Please check back mid-June. Fleece Show pages have not been updated

2016 SAFF Handcrafters’ Alpaca Fleece Showbags of alpaca fleece

The SAFF Alpaca show has seen much change in the past two years. SAFF’s goal is to create an atmosphere that focuses on education, providing a fiber market for the Producer to the spinner/handcrafter. In efforts to shape a new direction for SAFF’s Alpaca show, there will be no competition for 2016.   We have decided to move in a direction that emphasizes the suitability and quality of fleeces for hand spinning, fiber processing, and blending.  Future plans may include learning opportunities through an openly judged show.  Check back for updates in 2017.

2016 SAFF Handcrafters’ Alpaca Fleece Sale

This year we will implement a process of grading and sorting all Alpaca fleece that brought to our sale.  Our goal is to provide hand spinners with Alpaca fleece sorted in a manner similar to wool, largely based on fiber fineness and staple length.  This manner of sorting gives the spinner an indication of how the fleece might be processed and what the project suitability of the finished yarn might be.


  • Show, Sale, and Fleece Check in will be in our own venue – the BOONE BUILDING.
  • Fleece Check-In is Thursday October 27 from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, and Friday October 28 from 8:30 am until 10:30 am. No exceptions.
  • Fleeces may be mailed for entry. See sale rules.
  • All Fleece must be picked up by 5:00 pm Sunday, October 30.


  1. In efforts to increase the accuracy and reliability in our show’s fleece presentation, we will be implementing grading and sorting.
  2. Minor updates to the on-line registration site. Fleece weight will be standardized and expressed in pounds and ounces.

Manual Entry Form-Alpaca
FAQs for Fleece Producers

Grading and Sorting:

  • Grading will be based on fineness or micron count and length of fiber.
  • Grading will also consider whether suitable for Hand or Mill processing.
  • Producer will register fleece using SAFF on-line registration system. During registration, Producer will select grade in which he feels fleece should be placed.
  • SAFF final grading and sorting will occur on-site when fleece dropped off on Thursday. Fleece will be sorted by grade and displayed on sale floor by open of sale on Friday.
  • Micron will be assessed visually, and Producers suggested grade will be strongly considered, but Show Superintendent will have final authority.
  • We reserve the right to reject any fleece not appropriately skirted and deemed unusable for processing.


Fine – Hand Process Only: Less than 20 Micron Average, minimum of 2” staple
Fine – Mill or Hand Process: Less than 20 Micron Average, minimum of 3” staple
Average/Medium – Mill or Hand Process: 20-30 Micron Average, minimum of 3” staple
Course – Mill or Hand Process: over 30 Micron Average, minimum of 3” staple
Short – Other: All Microns with less than 2” of staple


Fleece Presentation:
Fleeces must be:

  • Must be full or half blanket from one animal. Seconds may be included in a secondary bag and sold with blanket in main bag.  Seconds won’t be included in grading and sorting process.
  • From the current (2015-2016) clip AND the previous year (2015-2014) clip. Regardless of year, Alpaca Fleece should represent no more than fifteen months of growth.
  • Properly skirted – free of Vegetable matter, chaff, burrs, bugs, manure tags, cotted or matted locks, second cuts, and pests.
    • Should be neatly placed as for show – not tied – in a clear or white plastic bag that is neither too large, nor too small to contain it comfortably.

 Sale Logistics:

  • Show/Sale: All Alpaca fleeces will be entered as SALE ONLY.
  • Fees: Standard fee for Sale Only is $2 per fleece. Early Bird Discount: If registered, and paid, prior to October 8, 2016, the fee will be $1.  Fleece registered after October 24, 2016 but before 6 pm October 27, 2016 will have the fee doubled, or $4 per entry.  After 6 pm October 27, 2016, all fleeces must be registered On-Site and will incur triple fees, or $6 per fleece. Or:
Prior to October 8, 2016 $1.00 per fleece
Between October 8 – October 24, 2016 $2.00 per fleece
Between October 25 – October 27, 2016 at 6 pm $4.00 per fleece
On-Site $6.00 per fleece
  • Pricing for Sale:  Sale price set by the entrant should be expressed as price for entire whole or half fleece and should be marked up by the 15% commission collected by SAFF.  SAFF will not calculate fleece price, nor sell increments of fiber from an individual fleece.  See the link FAQ’s for Fleece Producers for more information regarding fleece price and calculation.
  • Methods of Entry:
    • On-line Registration: priority processing at fleece drop-off, early bird discount. On-Line registration will cease operation at 6:00 pm, Thursday, October 27, 2016.  Registrations must occur manually On-Site and triple the fee ($15) per fleece will apply.
    • Mail in Registration: using the Manual Entry Form – Alpaca. Registration must be received by October 22, 2016. If registration received by October 8, 2016, Early Bird Discount will apply.  Priority processing at fleece drop-off.

Mail to:  Sherri Hayes
1207 Posey Blanton Rd.
Sylva, NC 28779
Email to:  [email protected].

  • On-Site Registration: by bringing a filled out Manual Entry Form – Wool to the Boone Building. These fleeces will have the lowest priority. Expect a wait and to have fee tripled to $15 each fleece.
  • Drop-Off: All fleece must be dropped off at the Boone Building during these times – No exceptions.

Thursday – October 27, 2016 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday – October 28, 2016 – 8:00 am to 10:30 am.  No exceptions.

  • Mail-In Drop-Off: Fleeces may be mailed/shipped to Sherri Hayes at the above address.  They must be received no later than October 22, 2016.  They can be preregistered online or accompanied by printed manual registration Manual Entry Form – Alpaca.   Fleeces must be picked up onsite, or must pre-arrange mail/ship return with Sherri Hayes.  Return cost will be at the producer’s expense.
  • Competition/Silent Auction: Since there will not be a competition for the Alpaca fiber this year, there will be no Alpaca participation in the Silent Auction. As alpaca competitions are added back to our show, participation in the Silent Auction will resume.
  • Responsibility: SAFF is ultimately not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged fleeces. We reserve the right to arrange, group, and re-class fleece as appropriate and necessary.  We also reserve the right to notate sales tag for any discovered observations and outright pull any fleece from the show for any reason without refund.
  • Fleece Acceptance: The Fleece Sale Manager reserves the right to pull from the Show or Sale any fleeces with rot, breaks, pests, felting or other serious problems at any time during the show. We also reserve the right to arrange, group, and re-class fleece as appropriate and necessary.  We also reserve the right to notate sales tag for any discovered observations and outright pull any fleece from the show for any reason without refund.
  • Fleece Promotion: Entrants may place promotional materials in with fleece, and are encouraged to do so.  See FAQ’s for more information.
  • Price Changes: Prices may be changed at the Producer’s discretion. See front desk for a Price Change Form.  We do not encourage price increases once show has begun.  On-Site changes can be made at the time of drop off without form.
  • Show/Sale Fleece Pick Up: Entrants must pick up unsold fleeces by 5:00 pm on Sunday October 30, 2016. Unsold fleece can be picked up during the show at any time.  Please see Fleece Show Staff for check out.
  • Fleece NOT picked up:  Any fleece not claimed by 5:00 pm, Sunday, October 30 will become the property of SAFF.
  • Refunds:  All registration correction refunds of entry fee will be done after the show, during reconciliation of sales.
  • Sale Proceeds: Entrants will receive a check via mail for their fleece sales within 30 days of SAFF.  Please make sure we have your complete contact information.

We will continue to examine the Alpaca industry and hope to grow this show into a venue that is a revered destination for the grower and spinner alike.  We invite your comments at: [email protected].