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Classes by day

Fall 2013 Workshops By Date Report
Date Workshop Time Instructor Place
Beginner Continental Knitting Thursday 9-11 Rita de Maintenon M-8
Beginning Spinning with Julie Thursday 9-12 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Spinning with Julie Thursday 1-4 Julie Wilson R-1
Brioche: The Basics and Beyond Thursday 9-12 Gwen Bortner M-5
Charting the World of Knitting Thursday 1-4 Gwen Bortner M-5
Drum Carding Blended Batts Thursday 9-1 Abby Franquemont R-4
Felted Cuff w/ embedded swarovski stones Thursday 9-5 Kelly Agrue R-5
First Time Socks Thursday 1-4 Aimee Abernathy L-6
History  Methods and Styles of Lace Knitting Thursday 9-12 Franklin Habit M-1
Holey Felt Thursday 9-5 Carin Engen L-7
Knitting and Crocheting with Roving Thursday 1-3 Nancy  Liebrecht R-7
Lace Edgings: Before  During and After Thursday 1-4 Franklin Habit M-1
Nuno Felt a Circular Vest Thursday 9-4 Patti Barker L-3
Socks to Dye for No Stripes Thursday 9-12 Nancy Shroyer R-3
Socks to Dye for Stripes! Thursday 1-4 Nancy Shroyer R-3
Sweater Design by Way of Scandinavia Thursday 9-4 Vithard Villumsen M-3
Triloom Weaving: a guided project with Roo Kline Thursday 1:00-4:30 Roo Kline L-1
Wool Gathering or Irish Knitting Basket Thursday 9-3 Bev Larson M-7
3-D Nuno Felt a Vest (2 day class) Friday  Saturday 9-4 Patti Barker L-3
Advanced Nuno Friday 9-5 Carin Engen L-7
All Spindles All Day Friday 9-4 Abby Franquemont R-4
Beautiful Edges: Picking Up Stitches and Buttonholes Friday 9-12 Joyce Carpenter M-4
Beginners Drop Spindling Friday 9-12 Kristen Nicholas R-3
Beginning Broom Making Friday 9-12 Bev Larson M-7
Beginning Spinning with Julie Friday 9-12 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Spinning with Julie Friday 1-4 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Tatting Friday 4-6  Sallie Pollock L-6
Bust Your Stash and Knit What You Want! Friday 9-12 Vithard Villumsen M-3
Classic Hairpin Lace Friday 9-11 Rita de Maintenon M-8
Corespinning for Funk and Function Friday 9-1 Esther Rodgers L-4
Crochet Design Secrets Friday 1-4 Rita de Maintenon M-8
Crochet Necklace with Felted Flower and Swarovski Crystal Friday 9-1 Kelly Agrue R-5
Crocheted textures using post stitches Friday 3-6 Jean Castle L-1
Custom Fit: Measurements to Schematics Friday 9-12 Gwen Bortner M-5
Eeek! A Steek! Friday 9-4 Kathleen Taylor M-6
Entrelac Design Friday 1-4 Gwen Bortner M-5
Felt Decorations Friday 9-11 Joan Berner L-2
Felted Poinsettia Scarf Friday 2-6 Kelly Agrue R-5
Flax Plant to Linen Thread Friday 2:30-5:30 Cassie Dickson R-7
Get Gauge (or Not!) Friday 9-12 Nancy Shroyer M-2
Introduction to Weaving Theory 101 Friday 2-4 Crystal Lawrence M-4
It Says Do What? Friday 9-12 Aimee Abernathy L-6
Learn Continental Knitting from a Right Hand Thrower Friday 1-4 Nancy Shroyer M-2
Magic Loop Friday 1-4 Aimee Abernathy L-6
Make it and take it Silk and Shibori Dyeing Friday 1-2 Vicki Bennett L-1
Photographing Your Fiber Friday 9-12 Franklin Habit M-1
Plying Beads into Yarn Friday 9-10 Susannah Carter R-2
Scribble Lace Scarf Class Friday 9-4 Leslie Samson L-5
Shell Fringe Scarf Friday 1-4 Tracey Schuh R-2
Silk Worm to Silk Fabric Friday 9-12 Cassie Dickson R-7
Solid Form Felting Techniques  (this is a 3-day class) Friday  Saturday  Sunday 9-4 Lisa Klakulak R-6
Spinner’s Fiber Tasting Party Thursday 1-4 Melissa Ricks L-2
Spinning 911 Friday 2-4 Jennifer Bennett M-7
Stranded Color Work Simplified! Friday 1-4 Vithard Villumsen M-3
Textured Felts Friday 1-4 Joan Berner L-2
Weave a Chair Pad on a Peg Loom Friday 9-12 Phylleri Ball L-1
Wool Combing and Hackling Friday 11-12:30 Susannah Carter R-2
Working with Antique and Vintage Knitting Patterns Friday 1-4 Franklin Habit M-1
Begin Well to End Well Saturday 1-4 Joyce Carpenter M-4
Beginner Needle Felted Landscape Saturday 2-5 Christina Serra L-7
Beginning Rug Hooking/ Hooked Owl Ornament Saturday 1-5 Claudia Lampley R-2
Beginning Spinning with Julie Saturday 9-12 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Spinning with Julie Saturday 1-4 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Tatting Saturday 4-6  Sallie Pollock L-2
Bulky Machine Knitting Saturday 9-4 Diane Sullivan Blue Barn
Cast On and Bind Off for Beautiful Finishing Saturday 9-12 Joyce Carpenter M-4
Crochet for Knitters Saturday 9-12 Rita de Maintenon M-8
Crochet Wire Jewelry Saturday 10-12 Aimee Abernathy L-6
Crocheting with Core Spun Rug Yarn Saturday 9-12 Phylleri Ball M-2
Design Your Own Beautiful Triangle Shawl! Saturday 9-12 Vithard Villumsen M-3
Durable Felt with Contemporary Design Saturday 9-4 Vicki Bennett L-1
Fabulous Broomstick Lace Saturday 1-4 Rita de Maintenon M-8
Finish It Saturday 12-3 Aimee Abernathy L-6
Garter Jacquard: Garter Stitch Gone Wild. Saturday 1-4 Franklin Habit M-1
Good Reading Saturday 9-12 Gwen Bortner M-5
Intro to Andean Backstrap Weaving Saturday 9-4 Abby Franquemont R-4
Knitted Tessellations: Playful and Powerful Patterns in Practice. Saturday 9-12 Franklin Habit M-1
Large Project tote in 2 colors Saturday 9-1 Bev Larson M-7
Little Tips and Knitting Tricks Saturday 1-4 Kathleen Taylor M-6
Make it Match – Matching Cast-ons and Bind-offs Saturday 1-4 Gwen Bortner M-5
Needle Felted Goddess Figure Saturday 9-4 Anne Magrath Office Area
Needlefelt a White squirrel Saturday 9-4 Melissa Gray L-5
Nuno Felted Scarf  “Fairieland” Saturday 2-6 Kelly Agrue R-5
Nuno Felted Scarf  “Poppy” Saturday 9-1 Kelly Agrue R-5
Plying Techniques Saturday 1-4 Joan Berner L-2
Preparing to Submit an Entry Saturday 9-10 Joan Berner L-2
Proddy Flower Pin Saturday 9-12 Claudia Lampley R-2
Round and Round and Round… Saturday 1-4 Vithard Villumsen M-3
SAFF Exclusive Fair Isle Fingerless Mitten Design for 2013 Saturday 9-12 Kathleen Taylor M-6
Spinning Art Yarn using Art Batts Saturday 2-4 Gail White M-7
Spinning for a Purpose Saturday 9-5 Nancy Shroyer R-3
Standard Machine Knitting Sunday 9-4 Diane Sullivan Blue Barn
Tailspinning- The long & Short of it!  And how to use tailspun yarns! Saturday 9-12 Esther Rodgers L-4
The Shepherd’s Rug Saturday 9-5 Ann Brown R-7
Weaving with a Cricket loom using our Handpainted yarns! Saturday 1-4 Tracey Schuh M-2
Wet felted Cloche’ Style Hat Saturday 9-1 Carin Engen L-7
Wild Fiber- Getting creative with your fiber prep. Saturday 1-4 Esther Rodgers L-4
60 Minute Mug Rug Sunday 9-10 Ann Brown L-2
A Simple Little Hat Sunday 9-1 Vicki Bennett L-1
Alpaca Shawl on a Triangle Loom Sunday 9-4 Angie Buchanan R-2
Angora Rabbit Management Sunday 10-12 Leslie Samson Sales Arena
Angora Rabbit Shearing Clinic Sunday 1-3 Leslie Samson Lower area of Sales Arena
Bavarian Twisted Stitch. Sunday 9-1 Franklin Habit M-1
Beginner Needle Felted Wise Woman Figure Sunday 2-5 Christina Serra L-7
Beginning Spinning with Julie Sunday 9-12 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Spinning with Julie Sunday 1-4 Julie Wilson R-1
Beginning Tatting Sunday 10-12  Sallie Pollock M-3
Beyond Plain Weave Sunday 9-12 Nancy  Liebrecht R-7
Cabled Yarn Sunday 1-4 Abby Franquemont R-4
Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs Sunday 9-12 Aimee Abernathy L-6
Design Your Own Fair Isle Fingerless Mitten Sunday 1-4 Kathleen Taylor M-6
Double Knitting Sunday 1-4 Aimee Abernathy L-6
Drafting: The Long and Short of it Sunday 9-12 Abby Franquemont R-4
Introduction to Nuno Felting Sunday 9-1 Carin Engen L-7
Knitting Tips  Tricks & Tools Sunday 9-5 Nancy Shroyer R-3
Knitting with Handspun Yarn Sunday 10:30-12:30 Melissa Ricks L-2
Kumihimo Custom Closures Sunday 9-12 Gwen Bortner M-5
Magical Figures – Needle Felted Fairies and Witches Sunday 9-4 Anne Magrath Office area
Nuno Felt a Gypsy Vest Sunday 9-4 Patti Barker L-3
Nuno Felted Shawl  “Floral Fantasy” Sunday 9-4 Kelly Agrue R-5
Painting on Fun flats! Sunday 9-12 Tracey Schuh M-2
Seaming for Beautiful Finishing Sunday 9-12 Joyce Carpenter M-4
Sheep to Shawl in one Afternoon – Are You Crazy? Sunday 1-2 Joan Berner L-2
Sock and Roll Dye Class Sunday 1-4 Tracey Schuh M-2
Spinning Your Waste:  Garbage Yarn Sunday 1-3 Nancy  Liebrecht R-7
Textures in Knitting – Beyond Garter and Stockinette Stitch Sunday 1-4 Vithard Villumsen M-3
The Beautiful  Humble Art of Plain Sewing: A Workshop for Knitters. Sunday 1-4 Franklin Habit M-1
The Finishing Touches Sunday 9-12 Rita de Maintenon M-8
The Hole Truth – The Basics of Lace Sunday 1-4 Gwen Bortner M-5
Wildpyling- Beehives  Bobbles  Boucle  Crecents and Coils and How to Use Them! Sunday 9-1 Esther Rodgers L-4
Wool Drying Basket Sunday 9-1 Bev Larson M-7
Writing Patterns for Publication Sunday 9-12 Kathleen Taylor M-6