After the conclusion of the llama show on Saturday, we are going to hold the first ever Open Alpaca Show in conjunction with the llama events. Start time will be about 2pm.

picture of mama and baby

2 Llamas

On the registration form, please list your animal’s name, sex, age and color. The judge will determine the classes based on the entries.

For the first annual competition, there will be a minimal charge of $5 per alpaca, simply to offset the cost of ribbons.

The only other fee will be if you want your results listed with ALSA. This show will be open to animals registered with ARI, ILR or unregistered animals. If you want your registered animal’s points listed with ALSA, please indicate by a check in that column, and include the $5 fee with your registration fees.


Livestock Vendor Stalls Now Available! CLICK HERE! to learn more. 

Everyone exhibiting or showing livestock animals must read, sign, and return the 2014-SAFF-Livestock-Rules-and-Regulations-Acknowledgement-Form1. Please print out and return to Cindy Wurster, 1034 Champion Ferry Road, Gaffney, SC 29341. Thank you!

SAFF Llama Halter Show and Llama and Alpaca Walking Fleece Please contact livestock@saffsite.org for more information.

Level I ALSA Halter Show – Southeastern Regional Qualifier

Entries Close: Thursday, October 15, 2014 no refunds after the 21nd.

Llama Show Coordinator
Laura Whitfield


ALSA Judge: Deb Yeagle

Make note: THIS YEAR
Walking Fleece Show, Friday October 24, 2014 at 4 pm.
Llamas AND alpacas welcome!

Walking Fleece, breezeway between barns A&B , 4 pm until done Friday, October 24th.

Exhibitors’ Meeting: Saturday 8:30 am in the Show Ring

Morning Show Time: Saturday, October 25, 2014 9:30 am

Please note: Parking is at a premium at this event. PLEASE DO NOT PARK YOUR LIVESTOCK TRAILERS IN THE PUBLIC PARKING LOT! They should be parked either behind Barns A, B or C, in the exercise arena near Fanning Bridge, or behind the covered arena, along the fence along Airport Rd. Anyone parking their trailer in the public area will be asked to move it.

Entry Fee: $25.00 per animal
Walking Fleece: $20/animal
Stall Fee: +$35.00 / stall for show animals
$45.00 for exhibit / sale only animals (not in show)
$15.00 Panels/stall (limited Number)

ALSA Fee: $5 per animal
ALSA Fee Per Farm: (Non-ALSA members): $30.00 (*Exhibitors showing only in youth classes pay $15 per youth)

Arrival Time: Thursday, October 23, 2014 between 3 p.m to 8 p.m. If you plan to arrive earlier, please notify the Show Manager so we can make sure your stalls are ready.

RV Spaces: If you require an RV space please call the Show Manager. They are $20/night.

Stall Information:(No sod allowed for bedding) Stalls are 10′ x 10′ stationary horse stalls located in Barn A, just up from the McGough Arena housing the SAFF vendors. The front of each stall is a half wall with welded wire panels and hinged doors. The floors are red clay. Stalls have 10′ x 10′ over hangs in front of them. You may bring your own panels to put up in front of the stalls. There are a limited number of panels available, (for $15/stall) at the facility to put up in front of the stalls on a first come basis. Requests for these panels must be received no later than Friday, October 3, 2014. There are ample stalls available to purchase for the animals, individual farm displays and tack. Every stall has access to electricity, and water is readily available. Stalls will be assigned on a first come basis (based on registration postmarks). All exhibitors MUST remain until 4:00 PM Sunday. If you have an extra long drive, and must leave earlier on Sunday, please notify the show manager when registering.

Rules and Regulations:
Please read the SAFF General Livestock Rules and Regulations. All entrants MUST adhere to these rules.2014-SAFF-Livestock-Rules-and-Regulations-Acknowledgement-Form1

This is a Level I Show approved by ALSA. All rules and guidelines will be in accordance with the amended 14th edition of the ALSA Handbook.

Current ALSA Handbook with addendums as applicable to each sanctioned show. Exhibitors must be the registered owners and make entry in the exact names as shown on the registration certificate. Non-breeders must be accompanied by a vet certificate verifying non-breeder status.

For ALSA classes, all llamas must be ILR registered, except animals for youth classes or non-breeders with a vet certificate. Membership in ALSA required to show in ALSA show or alternate non-member fee is payable.

For animals showing for ALSA points, a copy of the registration papers for each animal (according to rule #4), and a copy of the owners ALSA membership card, or a $30.00 non-membership fee for ALSA, must be sent in with the Entry Form, class and stall fees. These should be mailed to the Show Manager to be received on or before Oct. 16, 2014. Checks should be made payable to SAFF.


  1. All animals coming to SAFF from within the state of North Carolina WILL NOT need health papers.
  2. All animals coming to SAFF from outside the state of North Carolina MUST have Health Papers that are current within 60 days of the event – in other words, they can be no older than August 24, 2014.
  3. SAFF has the right to refuse any animal that does not appear healthy. Any animal with signs of poor health or infectious disease must be removed from the grounds immediately! Animals shipped with suspect animals may also be subject to removal. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in expulsion from the fairgrounds and fees will be forfeited.

There will be a veterinarian available (on call) throughout the show.

Points, Premiums and Awards

This is a Level I ALSA Show and an Eastern Regional Qualifier (for 2014). A class MUST have at least 3 entries to be awarded points. The number of ALSA points accumulated from each class are determined by the point chart in the current ALSA Handbook. Ribbons will be awarded to 6 places. In classes of 3 or more llamas, first place halter class winners will receive $10 premiums. Grand and Reserve Halter Champions and Performance Grand and Reserve Champions will receive rosettes. SSLA has donated the statue for Best of Show.

Wool Division Descriptions

Suri Wool:

The fleece should have a natural luster and hang/drape over the llama’s body, usually forming a natural part along the spine. The fibers are grouped into a very distinctive, well defined lock structure, with many individual, separate locks of fiber, formed at the skin and carrying out to the ends of each lock. The fleece should be lustrous, the locks independent and consistent in size and degree of wave/spiral content throughout the neck and body. There should be an absence of crimp and minimal loft.

Light Wool:

Minimal body wool, short neck wool with smooth head.

Medium Wool:

Moderate to long body wool, minimal to moderate neck wool, smooth to moderate leg wool.

Heavy Wool:

Abundant body and neck wool, minimal to abundant leg wool (i.e. leg wool at least to knee and hock).

Age Descriptions

Halter Classes

Age as of October 25, 2014
Juvenile: 5-12 months
Yearling: 13-24 months
Two-year-old: 25-36 months
Adult: Over 36 months for llamas

Llama Halter Show Classes

A class MUST have at least 3 entries to be awarded points.

Showmanship Classes ALSA

Class 1 Youth Showmanship (“point” class)
Class 2 Open Showmanship (“point” class)

Suri Halter Classes ALSA

Class 3 Juvenile Males
Class 8 Juvenile Females
Class 4 Yearling Males
Class 9 Yearling Females
Class 5 Two-Year-Old Males
Class 10 Two-Year-Old Females
Class 6 Adult Males
Class 11 Adult Females
Class 7 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion
Class 12 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion

Light Wool Halter Classes ALSA

Class 13 Juvenile Males
Class 18 Juvenile Females
Class 14 Yearling Males
Class 19 Yearling Females
Class 15 Two-Year-Old Males
Class 20 Two-Year-Old Females
Class 16 Adult Males
Class 21 Adult Females
Class 17 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion
Class 22 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion

Medium Wool Halter Classes ALSA

Class 23 Juvenile Males
Class 28 Juvenile Females
Class 24 Yearling Males
Class 29 Yearling Females
Class 25 Two-Year-Old Males
Class 30 Two-Year-Old Females
Class 26 Adult Males
Class 31 Adult Females
Class 27 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion
Class 32 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion

Light Wool Halter Class will be combined with the Medium Wool Halter Class at the judge’s discretion based upon the number of entries.

Heavy Wool Halter Classes ALSA

Class 33 Juvenile Males
Class 38 Juvenile Females
Class 34 Yearling Males
Class 39 Yearling Females
Class 35 Two-Year-Old Males
Class 40 Two-Year-Old Females
Class 36 Adult Males
Class 41 Adult Females
Class 37 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion
Class 42 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion

Non-Breeder Halter Classes ALSA

Class 43 Yearling Non-Breeders
Class 45 Adult Non-Breeders
Class 44 Two-Year-Old Non-Breeders
Class 46 Grand and Reserve Grand Champion

Group Classes ALSA

Class 47 Get of Sire
Class 49 Best of Show
Class 48 Produce of Dam

***Walking Fleece, on entry form for class, enter WF

Contact: Please email livestock@saffsite.org for more information.