Livestock Vendors


Everyone exhibiting or showing livestock animals must read, sign, and return the Livestock Vendor Stall Rules and Regulations Sheet. Please print out and return to Lisa Mackey 275 Brooks

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Cove Road Candler, NC 28715. Thank you!

Livestock Vendor Application 2014

This year SAFF will again be offering Livestock Vendor Stalls to livestock participants. We understand that livestock participants are often forced to make a choice between selling your goods and selling your animals or participating in shows. This provides a way for you to do both.

In order to make the pricing fair for everyone, we had to ensure that everyone had the same size stall to vend from. Therefore, the Llama livestock vendor stalls will be in Barn A and the Alpaca/Sheep/Goat livestock vendor stalls will be in Barn B. Llama and Alpaca livestock vendors will have their stalls adjacent to their regular livestock stalls. Sheep and Goat livestock vendors will still be allowed to have their regular pens to keep their animals in down in the Sheep and Goat Arena for ease of moving animals to and from show ring.

All livestock participants, regardless of whether or not they choose to be livestock vendors, will be required to read and sign the Rules and Regulations. This is to ensure that everyone knows the rules and
consequences and that it is fair for everyone.

Thank you for your suggestions and support as we continue to improve this new venture. We appreciate everyone involved in SAFF and are looking forward to a wonderful  SAFF 2014!

Please email Lisa Mackey at with any questions.