Goat Pen Reservation Form Please contact livestock@saffsite.org for more info.

2014 SAFF Angora Goat Show Entry Form and 2014 SAFF Pygora Goat Show Entry Form

Picture of black and white goat

Belted Galloway Goat;-)


Goat inspection and registration on Sunday in the goat area…time to be determined.

Please Note: Jonathon Hearn will be in the covered arena on Sunday to shear. The price to be determined.

Bonnie Naumann will be the judge for all goat shows this year.

Show Time: Saturday, 9:00 AM (Angora) and 11:00 AM (Pygora)

Goat Show Rules

All entrants must comply with SAFF Livestock Rules and Regulations, see below.

All animals coming to SAFF from within the state of North Carolina WILL NOT need health papers.

All animals coming to SAFF from outside the state of North Carolina must have Health Papers that are current within 60 days of the event—no older than August 25, 2014.

SAFF has the right to refuse any animal that does not appear healthy.

**The Judge has strongly recommended that Angora goats entered in the show be shorn in early August so that a consistent fleece length is evident.   Judging will be based on quality of fleece as well as overall conformation.

Please note: Parking is at a premium at this event. PLEASE DO NOT PARK YOUR LIVESTOCK TRAILERS IN THE PUBLIC PARKING LOT!!! They should be parked either in the exercise arena near Fanning Bridge, or behind the covered arena, along the fence along Airport Rd. Anyone parking their trailer in the public area will be asked to move it.

Check in: Check-in is on Thursday. Exhibitors must check in with the show superintendent upon arrival, after their animals are unloaded and penned. Registration papers will be checked at that time. There will be no hay or straw on site for purchase this year.

Please contact Cindy Wurster at 864.357.9213 or livestock@saffsite.org.

Please read the guidelines for bringing animals to SAFF that are linked below. All animals MUST adhere to these rules.

Please email livestock@saffsite.org for more information.


Rules and Regulations:

Please read the SAFF General Livestock Rules and Regulations. All entrants MUST adhere to these rules.2014-SAFF-Livestock-Rules-and-Regulations-Acknowledgement-Form1